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Who we are

Inside ourselves there is more than one...

The many people inside us!

Ken Wilber, John Rowan, and others maintain that the self contains numerous subpersonalities, variously known as parent ego state, child ego state, adult ego state, topdog, underdog, conscience, ego ideal, idealized ego, false self, authentic self, real self, harsh critic, superego and so on. Each subpersonality can be at different levels of development in any of its lines. A person can have facets of his or her consciousness at many different levels of morals, worldviews, defenses, pathologies, needs, and so forth. Subpersonalities are self-presentations that navigate particular psychosocial situations. They become problematic only when they dissociate.

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Rowan, J (1991) Subpersonalities: the people inside us, Routledge




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